Panda slots

Panda Slots is one of the most successful social casino apps in the world, developed by Infiapp, a top-grossing mobile gaming company.

Client’s goal

Infiapps wanted to reach new media channels for quality user acquisition, create social casino engagement shares, and reach a new audience of slots gamers. 

Our solution

After evaluating their creative and user funnel, Mobco created a series of new set of "call to action" creative ads to attract more user interest. We placed our creative banners and videos within selection of ad partners across multiple media sources. We then optimized based on the campaign performance and KPI.


Mobco set a number of ground rules to evaluate the traffic according to the Infiapps’ goals and as a result we achieved the following:
Above advertisers D7 net ROI KPI
Above advertisers D30 net ROI KPI
Increase in-app deposits
Increased number of loyal users

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