Shapely is a startup company that developed an app that creates new a shopping experience.

Client’s goal

Shapely wanted to create a new look to encourage shoppers to download their app. Additionally, they wanted product validation while they did soft launch of their technology.

Our solution

Mobco reevaluated all brand materials, from videos and UI to banner ads and copy. Since their target audience was 25-35-year-old fashionistas, we decided to refine their logo, UI, brand language, and all marketing materials to appeal to their sophisticated, fashion-forward audience.


Mobco was able to deliver thousands of new users to the app, which helped define the marketing funnels and validate Shapley’s user flow. By reaching new audiences, we managed to share marketing insights and conclusions for next steps need to be taken and for upcoming campaigns.
Delivered thousands of new active users
Defined the app KPI's according to the user flow
Re-developed and improved marketing strategy created for future campaigns

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