Process driven service

Our 360-degree approach to mobile advertising allows us to create customized solutions for each of our clients’ unique objectives.


By analyzing our clients’ individual needs, product, and expectations we create a strategic media plan. We then match the best technology solutions to meet their unique set of goals.

We start by learning about our client’s goal and needs through their original product planning, UI/UX, viral features, and user funnel. We review their monetization strategy, localization, and target audience. Additionally, we look into their market competitors, examine similar campaigns and market segments. By reviewing the strategy and the thinking behind the client’s app design and planning, we gain a comprehensive perspective on our clients’ desired goals and audience, as well as the ability to see any potential pitfalls.

We’re always thinking about the end user and campaign goals–that’s the main essence of our method. Based on our learnings, we perform market research, creative analysis, examine the vitality of the media plan.

We then act by executing our refined media plan guided by performance and adjusted to the market landscape. We use media channels like: ASO, social media, media buying, video, brand awareness and burst campaigns. Based on the media plan, we design creative that will generate maximum user engagement.


Once we have our media plan in place, we integrate it with pre-tested top technologies and using our team of experts, we execute and manage creative campaigns across hand-selected channels. Finally, we combine real-time tracking of KPIs and user behavior to create proprietary dashboards for full campaign transparency. 


For us, executing a plan isn’t enough. We constantly work to improve campaign performance by employing a variety of tools in order to optimize the campaign towards KPIs that were set in advance. We vigilantly monitor results along the campaign span.

Our analytic process is a constant balance between micro and macro management, that is, we always keep the larger picture of campaign goals in mind by handling every small detail. We dive into each creative ad placement, checking user engagements and then we act using the following steps:

– We pick the best performing traffic channels and then maximize their results by using AI tools and shut down non-performing ad placement and media sources.

– We A\B test hundreds of campaign parameters.

– Monitor social media performance.

– Use AI-fueled growth automation tools to help define the right moment to create the best user engagement.

– We map critical drop off points in the user funnel, determining influences users and encourage them to act within the app.

– We constantly add new traffic sources and modify creative based on our feedback loops.

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